How to tell your right from your left hand door

Here’s an easy way to remember something that confuses a lot of people. In remodeling projects it is not uncommon to remove and replace a door. When you go to the home improvement store and select the style you like you will be asked, “What swing do you need?” If you are like many folks you will look at the sales person and say, “I’m not sure” Here’s how to be sure. Doors are referred to as left hand or right hand. Imagine yourself in front of the door and imagine that you are going to pull the door toward you. If, when the door swings toward you, the knob is on the right it is a Right Hand door and, yep you guessed it, if the knob is on the left it is a Left Hand door. This works with both interior and exterior doors. Now, because that was so simple we need to throw you a curve ball. The rules change when you are talking about a storm door. Storm doors are referred to as hinged left or hinged right. Take the same approach to solving the problem. Imagine you are pulling the door toward you. If the hinge (not the knob) is on the left it is a left hinged door and if it is on the right it is a right hinge door. This makes sense if you think about it because if you open a storm door you want the knob for the entrance door to be immediately in front of you so you do not have to reach into the far corner of the open storm door to unlock your entrance door. Swing on into your supplier with this new knowledge and you’ll get it right every time. Thanks for visiting Ask John and and we’ll see you on the air, John and Dave