Spray it isn’t So!

The spray on your kitchen sink is a handy device but when it stops working or loses pressure it can be frustrating. Many times replacing the spray head and hose may not do the trick. Here is a quick diagnostic step you can take. Turn the faucet on and then press the lever to turn the spray on. If the water stream through the faucet does not shut off or decrease significantly and if the pressure at the spray head is low the problem is probably not the spray head. It is likely the diverter. The diverter is a small device that is located at the base of the faucet and accessible from under the sink. It can also be located at the base of the faucet and can be accessed by taking the base of the faucet off. The problem with the diverter is usually very simple. It is often a matter of some debris from the water line lodging in the diverter. A paper clip or large safety pin will do the trick to eliminate the debris and the spray should be good to go.