Scrubbable Paint


In the past when it came to painting your home’s interior walls and you had to deal with hand prints, etc. from small children the choice you were “forced” to use a semi-gloss or “higher sheen” finish. You were forced to this decision because you wanted a finish that would resist dirt better and be more durable if scrubbed. With the higher sheen you got dirt resistance and scrub-ability but a less pleasing visual effect. The semi-gloss paints take more abuse but they show every small defect in the wall’s surface.  Flat paint is typically more pleasing in most rooms of the home and it hides small defects in the surface of the wall. Good news. Most manufacturers now offer a scrubbable flat paint.  They use polymers that repel stains. As a result the stain does not penetrate the surface of the paint thus they are easier to scrub without affecting the color or sheen of the paint. Ask your Home Improvement store for recommendations on a scrubbable flat paint.