Dehumidify and Cool for Max Comfort

dehumidifierHave you ever been in a store, hotel room or home where the air conditioning is obviously working because you are cool but you are still uncomfortable because you feel clammy?  The issue is humidity not heat.  Make your home more comfortable by dealing with the humidity and the heat.  Air conditioning is naturally a dehumidifier because the cold air created by passing over the evaporator coils does not hold as much water as the warm air.  Older AC systems may not pull enough moisture out of the air.  Consider replacing systems that are over 12 years old with new systems that manage humidity and temperature. Or at least consider a dehumidifier in along with your AC. You will be more comfortable and you will be able to set the thermostat a little higher because the humidity is out of the air.  Drier air is easier to heat and cool than humid air.  For maximum comfort consider dehumidification in addition to air conditioning.

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