Plumber Tim

Tim still fighting after 4 weeks of Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Tim Dovell

Help Tim Dovell “Plumber Tim”

Tim was diagnosed with stomach and esophagus  cancer in July 2014. He has gone through surgery and has been declared cancer free at this time. This is truly a blessing and we believe a    
miracle. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and the donations. We still hope listeners and web site visitors will send prayers and a few dollars to help Tim as he recovers. He will not be able to work as a hands on plumber again as he can not lay on his back or bend over very far. The life saving surgery he required, robbed him of the valve that closes off the stomach from the esophagus. As you can see things are much better but Tim still needs your help. .

Donate    Tim Dovell 308 W Court St Urbana OH 43078

Thanks for your help!

David Dovell


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