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November, 2012
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Clogged gutters and downspouts can cost you
BIG $$.
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    October has come and gone and all that is left are the leaves. As pretty as they are on the trees they become a huge problem if not dealt with regularly. We all know that clogged gutters and/or downspouts can lead to rotten fascia boards and soffits. Overflowing gutters can also cause water damage to structural framing, mold, failing foundations, staining on finished surfaces, and create an inviting environment for wood destroying insects. Leaves stuck on your roof can cause water to back up under your shingles and cause wood rot, wet insulation, and stained interior surfaces. If left for long periods of time, damp leaves will permanently stain the shingle surface. Pay close attention to valleys and roofs with low sloped pitches as leaves tend to bunch up in lower lying areas. Check the gutters regularly during the fall. If you are not comfortable on a ladder then hire a company that specializes in gutter care. Ask for proof of liability as well as workman’s compensation insurance. Following this tip could save you BIG $$.
   Nothing is more relaxing than cozying up to the fire as the fall chill hits the air. Before you have that inaugural fire of the season a chimney inspection is in order. Chimneys should be inspected every year before use. An inspection/cleaning could reveal cracks in the flue, bird, or rodents nests. Consider a chimney cap to prevent nesting and water infiltration.
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  Upcoming guests on the show :   Home Improvement show Nov-10 Scott Shelton and Zeke Acosta answer questions about the heating plant of your home.   Home Improvement show Nov -17 one of our NARI partners. COTY Awards 11-16   The Ask John and Dave Show 12-3 The inventors of the Window Trim Kit     Listen to the Ask John and Dave Show Saturdays 7-9 am est.
  David Dovell/John Gordon   “We believe the most important kind of home improvement is the one that makes your home a happier place to live”  
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Fun Outdoor Living strives to live up to  the”Fun” in their first name by transforming backyard spaces into great gathering places for friends and family.  Check out their “fun” outdoor products at the web link above.  A new backyard makeover could be the ideal holiday gift.
Solar Tek Energy will help you harness the sun’s energy to create electricity, heat or cool your home, heat your water or heat your pool and do it all with a Federal Stimulus Tax Credit for Renewal Energy – 30% of the entire project cost.  You can learn more about the benefits of solar energy by visiting Solar Tek’s website at the link above.
Window Trim Kit of Shelby has partnered with the Ask John and Dave Show as a national sponsor. This product invented in Shelby, NC and manufactured in Charlotte, NC is a pre-molded PVC trim capping for brick mold, mullion, and window sill/nosing. This product can be installed by a DIY or ask your professional installer to use the Window Trim Kit. This product is low maintenance and better than coated aluminum.
Portable Generators Recalled by Champion Power Equipment Due to Fire Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Costco
click here….. to see the above recalled item and other common household items that have been recalled.
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